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3D Event Flyer Pack
3D Event Flyer Pack
3D Event Flyer Pack
3D Event Flyer Pack

3D Event Flyer Pack

*There are two options for this package. option 1 is for animation to an existing flyer and option 2 is flyer creation + animationIgnore the "Sold Out" button. 

The motion flyers are the biggest trend in marketing right now. This package includes:

Event Flyers, Party Flyers, Instagram Ads, Club Flyers and Posters or Social Media Animated/Motion Flyers.

What I need:

PSD file for the basic pack
All text that you want on your video(song title, artist name..)
All the photos that you want to use
All the logos
Any idea that you have for your design(layout, colors, effects..)

You will receive:

HD Quality
2D/3D title(choose from the start)
Movement effects(smoke, fire, money, particles...)
Beat effects(flashes, spectrums..)
Your photo edited to look as good as possible on your cover

any inquiries please email -->

I have flyer. I only need animation
I need flyer creation with animation
Sold Out